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KAEM Big Daddy

12 - 22 September 2024

What makes KAEM Big Daddy Ultra Trail Run unique?

Daily Distances

Each year the route is changed slightly. Daily distances are published in July.

  • Day 1 - Day 3

    Distances for Day 1 to Day 3 vary between 25km to 50km. Participants must reach overnight camps by 19:00.

  • Day 4

    The long day, and run into the night - up to 78km.

  • Day 5

    A rest day somewhere along the banks on the Orange river.

  • Day 6 - Day 7

    Approximately 45km and 25km respectively


Entry Options and Fees

Option 1

ZAR29 900 (All inclusive)

Option 2

ZAR24 900 (Excl. accommodation, meals and transfers)

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KAEM Big Daddy

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KAEM Big Daddy
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