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About KAEM

Founded as a 7 day, 6 stage, self-sufficient desert foot race, covering 250km, KAEM has become known as the “Big Daddy” of international trail running events. KAEM Big Daddy is similar to Marathon Des Sables in terms of its multi-stage and self-sufficiency format BUT differs greatly in terms of its environment as well as the diversity of terrain across the route.
It includes a long day with a night stage, and a rest day afterwards along the river.  Altogether, KAEM Big Daddy has all the makings of a magical experience.





Established in 2000

by Estienne Arndt, Nadia Arndt and Simon Kelly

KAEM is truly remarkable, offering participants much more than just a desert foot race experience. The Kalahari Desert, second oldest in the world is truly magnificent and beautiful BUT what sets KAEM apart is the people. It is rated as one of the best organised events of its kind, and over the years both participants and crew have become family. KAEM has a repeat participant rate of more than 25% every year.