Rules and Regulations


  1. KAEM is a self-sufficient, multi-stage foot race. You must carry all your supplies for the duration of the race. Supplies include all food, supplements, clothing, sleeping gear, toiletries and survival gear.

Your bag and supplies may be checked by a race official at any stage during the race.

All equipment that you start with must be carried for the duration of the race. The only items that can be discarded are:

  • food and food packaging
  • supplements packaging
  • socks
  • underwear

No equipment or discarded food may be used by any other participant.

  1. The route is clearly marked every 300 to 400 meters, and you will receive a road book with maps for easy navigation. The route is mainly on jeep tracks and dust roads. It is NOT PERMITTED to leave the track and deliberately take short cuts across open ground to reduce the distance and gain a potential advantage. Any participant seen deliberately taking a short cut off the tracks to shorten the distance of the marked route will be considered a NON FINISHER of the event. It is permitted to run parallel to the track to find harder ground.
  1. Except for the first day there will be staggered starts every day. These start times are based directly on the overall times of each participant. These start times are posted each evening after the last participant has finished. These start times CANNOT be altered. If you miss your allocated starting time, your overall time WILL be calculated on your allocated starting time.
  1. There are checkpoints at approximately every 8 to 10 km intervals. It is your responsibility to ensure that the check point time keeper has listed you as having passed through the check point.
  1. On the night stage, it is essential to keep your headlamp ON at all times once darkness has set in. The route markers are reflective and without a headlamp, you will not see the markers.
  1. Except for the long stage, you must reach the finish before sunset at 19:00 as the route is not set for the dark.
  1. You will receive 1.5 litres of water at every check point which are approximately 8 to 10 km apart. You will also receive 4.5 litres at the finish camp each day. These 4.5 litres is also for filling your water bottles for the next morning from start to Check Point 1. You may get up to 1 litre of hot, boiling water provided that you exchange of your 4.5 litres the same amount of hot water that you get. Additional water will only be supplied if conditions demand it.
  1. Cover for overnight stops are provided at the finish camps. Gazebos will be numbered and 4 participants will be allocated a gazebo and a gazebo number. You must only sleep in your allocated gazebo. These allocations CANNOT be changed.

You are allowed to sleep outside the gazebo provided that it is still within a 50 meter radius from the gazebos.

You are not permitted to leave the overnight camp areas.

  1. You have to run with your race number, un-obscured, on your front.
  1. You will receive the KAEM road book at registration. This road book includes the complete event details, stage distances and route maps. The road book MUST be kept on you at all times on the road during the race. Daily distances are communicated closer to the event and prior to registration day.
  1. You can be withdrawn from the race if instructed by the Race Director, or on advice of the medical team if it is obvious that you are not coping with the extreme conditions that this event demands.

Should you dehydrate during the event of if the medical team feels that you are undernourished and endangering yourself, you will be re-hydrated orally or intravenously. Should you require two (2) intravenous drips or regular oral re-hydration, you will be withdrawn from the race.

  1. For safety reasons, earphones are NOT ALLOWED on the route. They are permitted at the overnight camps only. (Wearing earphones, participants would not be able to hear someone calling for assistance, or a warning shout, or just being 100% aware of surroundings.)
  1. No participant may interfere with another participant.
  1. Abuse directed at ANY other participant or ANY crew member will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification. Should you see anything during the event that you are unhappy about, discuss it with the Race Director or the Camp Master immediately. Do not leave the matter until the finish of the race.
  1. The Race Director’s decision regarding any dispute or disqualification is final.


  1. You have to be 21 years or older. Juniors between 18 and 21 years are permitted to participate provided that they have written permission from a parent or guardian.
  1. You must have a medical examination done based on KAEM requirements and medical examination form, after 1 August and submitted by 15 September.


  1. You have to be present at registration on Friday 10:30. Any participant not present at registration will be regarded as a non-starter.
  1. You will have to unpack your bag for checking by race officials, and disclose/declare all compulsory equipment, self-sufficiency provisions and medication. You must provide a copy of your medical certificate to the doctor.

Any medication taken during the event that has not been declared or approved by the medical doctor will result in disqualification.


  1. You MAY NOT be given any assistance from any person or facility not connected to the event or crew. You also MAY NOT carry any other participant’s equipment or food and no participant may carry any of your supplies.
  1. Only water and medical assistance may be accepted from the crew and medical team at check points and the camp. You may not accept or take any food, drinks or any other supplies from any crew or medical team member.
  1. Medical assistance should not be abused. If the race doctor feels medical assistance is being used to give any participant an advantage, the organisers can decide on whether to withdraw the participant or deny him/her a podium finish.
  1. The organisers reserve the right to make special allowances for any participant with a disability.


  1. You may withdraw from the race at any time and if so, you have to notify an official. Accommodation will be reserved for you. All costs incurred (accommodation, meals, transport, etc.) will be for your own account and must be paid directly to the provider by yourself.
  1. Withdrawing or being withdrawn from the race will not automatically allow you to become part of the crew. You will only be allowed to join crew members at check points or in the field by permission from the Race Director. You will have to obtain permission for every time that you have an opportunity to join the crew.


  1. KAEM is run in the South African Augrabies Falls National Park and private farmlands. The entire route runs across an ecologically sensitive and protected area. Any of the activities listed below are NOT PERMITTED. It is a SERIOUS AND PUNISHABLE OFFENCE.

The KAEM brand and KAEM management completely dissociates itself from any of these activities.  Should you be seen performing any of these activities, it will result in immediate disqualification. Should you be found guilty of any of these activities by the South African Augrabies Falls National Park or any private farmer, it could result in prosecution.


  • Littering (including any form of littering)
  • Deliberately damaging any flora and/or fauna (any form of plant and animal life)
  • Deliberately damaging the terrain (veld, tracks, roads, rivers, riverbeds, etc.)
  • Removing anything from the terrain, including plants, trees, branches, animals, animal remains, birds, fish, eggs, stones, rocks, or any anything found in the veld.
  • Chasing, hitting, throwing stones at or catching any animal or fish.
  • Making a fire or burning anything.
  • Digging holes in the ground (it is permitted to level the ground for sleeping without having to dig holes in the ground)


  1. The following items are compulsory and must be carried at all times:
  • Backpack (30 litre is suggested)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Overnight & warm clothing
  • Head cover (Cap)
  • Insect net to cover face or a Buff
  • Eye Protection / Sunglasses
  • Mirror
  • Whistle
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Knife
  • Water containers or bladder to carry minimum total quantity of 1.5 litres
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Blister treatment kit
  • Strapping or anti-chafe cream for chafing
  • Sun block lotion
  • Toilet paper or tissues
  • Eating utensil
  • Space blanket
  • 10 x Safety pins



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