Desert Trail Blogging

Training to “Run” the KAEM

By Dirk Cloete According to the statistics of Racing the Planet, the company who presents the 4-Deserts Series approximately 20% of participants run the entire course.  This number is of course dictated by the course, weather conditions and what pace is regarded as...

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Food Tips for Self-sufficient 7 Day Event

Blind adventurer Geoff Hilton-Barber, who has completed the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon five times, compiled this suggested Food and Packing List. Introduction This food list/menu is intended only as a guide to people who are participating in the Kalahari...

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KAEM Day 1

  Day 1 – Saturday 15 Oct 6.30am Hey George, there is a cloud in the sky. Remember it, Edward, remember it. The waiting is over. We jump out of bed and burst into nervous action. Final check, final things thrown out and thrown in. Pack our exploding orange ochre...

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KAEM Day 2

Day 2 - Sunday 16 October 2am Ah good sleep. Wonder if Brendas has got the fire going for our morning coffee? No movement anywhere. Versuvius is exploding every 5 seconds somewhere higher up under the gazebos, but otherwise all is still, apart from the wind whistling...

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KAEM Day 3

Day 3 - Monday 17 October 5.30am The silver moon glows in the pastel blue sky, before suddenly disappearing behind the orange-brown mountain that towers over camp. These are magic moments that remain in the memory long after this event is over. There is a busy hum...

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KAEM Day 4

Day 4 - Tuesday 18 October 6am Cheers Fransa, bye Luiggi, have a good time! The Big Day has begun. This is the one we have had in the back our minds for months. 80km through the Kalahari Augrabies Desert. That’s almost the distance of the Comrades Marathon, but it’s...

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KAEM Day 6

Day 6 - Thurs 20 October 5am Wakey wakey, Campers! The organisers have wisely decided to bring our starting times one hour earlier in anticipation of a very hot day out in the desert. The sun has yet to rise and the Orange glides darkly and silently by. We’re keen to...

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KAEM Day 7

KAEM Day 7 - Friday 21 October 5am We know that this is our last day, so we don’t resent Brendas’ early morning wakey-wakey bellow. In the half-light we stir contentedly in our sleeping bags, savouring the familiar rustlings in bags for food and that first cup of...

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Footcare for Adventure Racing

By Lisa de Speville You've put in weeks of training and preparation ensuring that your legs will hold up to hour after hour on the bike and trekking up hills. You've worked your upper body, ensuring that you'll have the strength for climbing, rope ascents and...

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We’re up against some huge races – Berlin, Boston, Boston, Amsterdam, Marathon des Sables, New York and more! This is David vs Goliath – which means that every vote counts.

If we win, it means your vote has helped the event receive more exposure and help even more people in South Africa!

We are shortlisted under ‘Running events’, then ‘International Event’. Thanks in advance!